Closing the Sale When You Sell Your Home Yourself

The decision to sell your home yourself is becoming more and more popular. According to various sources, the percentage of home sales that were completed without a Realtor is in the neighborhood of 14%. And that figure doesn’t count sellers who used a discount Realtor service like flat fee listing, or an open listing contract, either of which will lower the cost of your commission considerably.

There are a lot of things that go into selling your home yourself, but let’s skip right past setting the right price, imagine that you did all the right things, got the house into great shape, advertised in all the right places… and in less than two weeks – you’ve got an offer from a buyer at a price that’s only a few thousand below your lowest acceptable price. What do you do now?

Negotiating With a Buyer When You Sell Your Home Yourself

Be prepared to negotiate with the buyer. Remember, while you’ve been reading about how to sell a home, they’ve been reading about how to buy a home. Everything they’ve read has told them to bid low. Negotiating doesn’t necessarily mean lowering your price, though. Instead, you can offer other concessions or enticements. One popular concession is for the seller to offer to cover the closing costs, or to buy points that will lower the interest rate on their mortgage.

Consider Hiring a Real Estate Consultant to Oversee the Sale

Once you’ve settled on a price, you don’t want to lose the sale because of an oversight in the paperwork or signatures. The cost of paying an attorney with experience in real estate or even paying a very small commission to a Realtor is far less than the cost of losing the sale.

Be Clear About Your Legal Responsibilities When You Sell Your Home

If you choose not to consult a real estate professional, do find other ways to educate yourself. There are inspections, evaluations, arranging for escrow and escrow fees, any one of which can delay the sale of your house, or side-rail it entirely. Understand exactly what repairs you are obligated to make before closing, what percentage of costs you’re taking responsibility for and exactly what concessions you and the buyer have agreed upon.

Here are a few things that may be among the disclosures and inspections that of your sale:

Lead Paint
Warranties on All Home Fixtures
Major Repairs

Selling your home yourself can save you thousands of dollars in real estate commissions, but it’s important that you know all of your legal responsibilities. Make sure that you don’t miss the smallest detail so that your closing goes through without a hitch.

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Source by Brian Shelton

Should You Sell Your Home by yourself or Use a Realtor

FSBO stands for „For Sale by Owner“. Quite a few homeowners suppose it’s not big deal to sell a home on their own, the FSBO way. They assume they can net thousands of dollars more at closing than if they hire a real estate broker and pay sales commissions. Many homeowners choose to sell their home without the aid of a real estate broker and do just fine; others find out the hard way how much help a real estate broker can be and how they can actually help to net more cash at the end of the negotiations. Selling your own home can sound attractive, and it can save you thousands of dollars if you are up for it. It can also cost you thousands if you go about it the wrong way.

Here in Spokane Washington, the FSBO market cycled through many ups and downs. Most recently the seller’s market that ended a couple years ago it was certainly easier to sell your home without the help of a broker. Recently however, the market has shifted into a more balanced market. Many experts say that it is now a buyer’s market as the number of expired listings has shot way up along with the total number of active listings. As of last week, Spokane had over 5,300 active listings in the Spokane Association of Realtors MLS. There we also 2,711 residential sales that closed in the last six months. At the current rate of sales with this number of listings it would take over a year for them to all with no new listing being added to the MLS. With nearly 2,000 real estate agents actively marketing these homes, someone working on their own seems to be at a definite disadvantage in today’s market conditions. Of course, Realtors, real estate brokers and Agents are experts in their field and expect to get paid a reasonable fee for their services.

Any homeowner who decides to take on the job of selling their own home is taking on an enormous amount of work and responsibility, but there are some potential benefits and challenges to doing it yourself.

The main motivation for someone to sell their home FSBO is to avoid paying a sales commission and keep that money themselves. Real estate brokers typically require 5%-7% of the total sale price as their fee. If your home is worth $200,000 then this fee is $10,000 to $14,000! This is money that you could possibly keep in your own accounts by selling your home yourself. Conversely, if you make a mistake by underestimating the value of your home, leave it on the market for too long, negotiate details of the transaction poorly or prepare the sales contract incorrectly, you could lose even more.

If you decide to sell your home FSBO you must analyze the potential savings and compare it the value of your time and effort it’s worth. In the process of selling your home by yourself you will necessarily invest enormous amounts of time researching legalities, technicalities in sales contracts, negotiating strategies, comparable properties and the current condition of the local real estate market. These are all things that a Realtor stays current with in the course of running their business. If you do not have the time for this, you may be better off with a real estate professional.

It is possible to market your home simply and without the assistance of a real estate professional. Posters, signs, fliers and newspaper ads can be effective marketing tools and they are available to anyone. Employing these marketing strategies will start to eat into the money you were planning to save though. When using a real estate professional, the agency will often absorb the costs of marketing.

Realtors sometimes make use of all the marketing options the FSBO sellers do but hey have access to the biggest marketing tool available and it’s not available to someone selling on their own. Real estate brokers have access to the Multiple Listing Service or MLS. This is a computer database service that instantly publishes the information about available property to other all the other Realtors and agents that are corresponding members of that particular MLS. Additionally, with recent syndication agreements the information on these listing are pushed to hundreds of other web sites that offer searchable information on homes for sale around the State and even across the country and around the world
When someone sells their home FSBO they take on the all responsibilities of selling the home. These include not only for the costs of the various professionals, but the time and effort in finding and screening them for quality of service and professionalism. Realtors have an established a network of related professionals and agencies that will help you through the process. As a FSBO seller you are working from scratch.

Selling a home can be an emotional experience. After all it could be where you have lived for years and it may be the place of your most precious memories. Home buyers tend to be very critical of homes they look at to purchase. Having a potential buyer who is a stranger come into your home be very critical can be a trying experience. This is a very important aspect of being represented by a real estate professional. As an agent they represent your interest and shield the homeowner from direct confrontation in the negotiations. Realtors are expert negotiators. A real estate professional see selling a home as a business transaction, there will be low-balling, offers made that are never meant to be accepted, etc. Remember that the buying party may be a better negotiator than you, or they may be working with a negotiating real estate professional themselves.

Real estate contracts are complicated. There is a lot of legalities involved in the sale of a home. Most every state has laws protecting consumers. Some of them concern proper disclosure, lead paint, radon, inspections, and so on. Many sellers may violate state laws without ever intended to. If you are determined to sell your home without a real estate professional, have a lawyer look over any contracts involved. This is an area in which even one misplaced word can undo all of your hard work. Realtors pay for „Errors and Omissions“ insurance to protect them and their clients in the case of a mistake like this. In most cases, Realtors use preprinted legal forms that have been reviewed by attorneys and have been determined not to favor one party over another.

If you have the time, patience, money and desire to sell your home by yourself, then by all means go ahead and give it a try. But be aware of what you are getting yourself into first. There is a good reason that real estate agents exist; buying and selling property is not easy. Realtors provide valuable service and earn the commissions by serving their clients well. In the end, you may decide that your time and happiness is worth more than the commissions you could save. Know yourself, research your options and choose wisely.

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Source by Jim Grapes

Minneapolis Real Estate — Selling your home during the recession

The urge to sell is at its strongest now. With unwanted costs and pay rates falling, selling your home might be the right decision. But in Minneapolis, selling your home is a challenge. But if you come across a potential buyer with the right circumstances, you could very well make a sale and end the days of paying an over-your-head mortgage.

Agents too have been in retrench mode. I’ve seen many leave the business or place their license on ice so that they stop incurring the many different costs associated with being an agent. I have also bumped into several agents as they now work a 2nd job trying to make up for lost revenues. This was a market ripe with excess and a downturn was inevitable so while these changes are painful, they are part of the natural balance of things and will leave us with a leaner, stronger base to build from when the market recovers.

As the law of averages always goes, there are some agents doing far worse than average and some doing far better than average. I feel lucky to count myself among the latter group but it has come at the cost of extra time and money required to keep activity and sales high. As a whole my company and office are doing above average as well, which I find is a testament to the agents, management, and environment we’re in every day. In fact, our parent company, Home Services of America, has been given a $250 million war chest by our owner, Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway, to use to go out and buy real estate brokerages that are fundamentally sound but challenged by today’s market.

In the broad economic downturn that is hitting our country, it seems as if most people are feeling some of its effects and I’d argue that the real estate agents and brokers are getting hit harder than most. In the past people argued that real estate agents/brokers made too much money I think those same people would have a harder time arguing that point today.

Adversity can bring out both the best and worst in people and challenges like this bring forth opportunities for improvement in our tradecraft. While I’m not happy about the struggles that have befallen our market, I look at this as a chance for all of us to reset our expectations and actions and prepare us for a new beginning. I’m a firm believer that a positive attitude and making smart decisions leads to being „lucky“ and consequently I’m encouraging all of my friends in the business to not lose sight of the opportunities available if they simply continue to think positive and act smartly.

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Makler Heidelberg

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

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Source by Michael Russell

9 tödliche Fehler Haus Verkäufer machen

FEHLER #1.Not mit einem Makler

Wenn Sie sind auf der Suche nach Hilfe Kauf oder Verkauf von Immobilien, es wichtig ist zu bedenken, dass die Begriffe „Immobilienmakler“ und „Makler“ sind nicht Synonym.

Makler bieten eine zusätzliche Ebene des Dienstes und werden ein Grundstücksmakler muss man Mitglied des Canada ist der Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). Ein Grundstücksmakler hat einen starken Ruf für aktiv eintreten für private Eigentumsrechte und dafür um Wohneigentum bezahlbar und zugänglich zu machen. CREA-Mitglieder haben sich einen strengen Verhaltenskodex gegründet auf dem Prinzip der faire und ehrliche Dienstleistung für alle Verbraucher.

Grundstücksmakler Geschäftspraktiken auf lokalen Board-Ebene überwacht werden. Schieds- und disziplinäre Systeme sind im Ort Adresse Beschwerden aus dem öffentlichen oder Vorstandsmitglieder. Diese lokale Aufsicht hält Makler direkt verantwortlich für die einzelnen

Verbraucher dienen und der Verbraucher ist daher wahrscheinlicher, besseren Service und

Verantwortlichkeit zu finden, mithilfe eines Grundstücksmaklers.


beim Verkauf Ihres Hauses, es gibt, keine Garantien, die die ultimative Käufer von zu Hause einfach durch die vordere Tür gegangen wird. In vielen Fällen müssen Sie Ihr Haus an dem Käufer zu bringen.

effektives Marketing wird sichergestellt, dass Ihre Immobilie maximal

Sonneneinstrahlung um ein Käufer bereit, Willens und in der Lage in kürzester Zeit zu gewinnen wird.

Fragen Sie Ihren Makler Liste für Sie alle Möglichkeiten, die er/Sie Ihr Haus zu vermarkten will und auf welche Zeitlinie. Auch das Haus im Internet beworbenen Fragen Sie nach.


, wenn Sie Ihr Haus zum Verkauf, vorbereiten erinnern die Bedeutung des ersten Eindrucks.

A erste Eindruck des Käufers kann Pause machen oder ob sie sogar für einen Look hineingehen wollen. Es wird geschätzt, dass mehr als die Hälfte aller Häuser verkauft werden, bevor der Käufer selbst aus ihren Autos bekommen. In diesem Sinne achten Sie darauf, außerhalb Ihres Hauses stehen und nehmen Sie eine realistische „frischen look“ und dann Fragen Sie sich, was getan werden kann, machen die „Eindämmung der Beschwerde“ verbessern. Auch Fragen Sie Ihren Grundstücksmakler Meinung, wie die Eindämmung der Beschwerde zu verbessern. Es könnte einen großen Unterschied in Ihrer endgültigen Verkaufspreis machen.


vorne und offenbaren Ihr Makler keine Probleme mit der Unterkunft.

die Probleme werden auf jeden Fall entdeckt zu werden. Vor einem Jahrzehnt waren Gesundheits-und Sicherheitsfragen nur selten einen Teil der typischen Immobilien-Transaktion. Heute ist es jedoch üblich, dass Kontrollen in Bezug auf Gesundheit, Sicherheit und sogar ökologische Bedenken, ein Teil von den meisten Kaufverträgen sein. Darüber hinaus muss der Verkäufer in vielen Provinzen, Weitergabe an den Käufer Kenntnis der bestehenden Probleme des Eigentums. In vielen Fällen diese Probleme wurden oder in die Heimat der Listenpreis berücksichtigt werden können.


Sie werden besser gedient, wenn Sie Ihr Makler ihre Arbeit ohne dass Sie es tun können.

die meisten potentiellen Käufer in der Regel fühlen sich wohler, wenn sie können frei sprechen, um die Immobilie professionell ohne den Eigentümern anwesend.

, wenn Menschen ohne Begleitung durch einen Bevollmächtigten beantragen, um Ihr Eigentum zu sehen, finden Sie sie in Ihre Immobilien-Profi für einen Termin.


WÜRDE erinnern, dass obwohl Menschen Persönlichkeit unterschiedlich sein können, neigen sie dazu, die gleichen

werden, wenn es um Erwartungen auf Kosten anderer geht. Das heißt, möchte ein Interessent wahrscheinlich ein perfektes Zuhause von oben bis unten, innen und außen, zu sehen, wenn es zu Ihnen nach Hause kommt. Versuchen Sie, möglichst viele der folgenden Elemente wie möglich, die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass Ihr nach Hause Verkauf auf sinnvolle Weise zu verbessern.

auf der Außenseite

1) vorderen Gehweg fegen.

2) Zeitungen, Fahrräder und Spielwaren zu entfernen.

3) park zusätzliche Autos entfernt

4) wieder die Sträucher zu trimmen.

5) frisches, sauberes Auftragen im ganzen.

6) reinigen Fenster und Fenster-Beläge.

7) halten Sanitär und alle Geräte in einwandfreiem Zustand.

8) alle Dichtungsmittel (Fenster, Wanne, Dusche, Waschbecken, etc.) in ordnungsgemäßem Zustand zu halten.

9) sicherstellen, dass Dach und Dachrinnen sind sauber und in gutem Zustand.

10) häufig mähen Sie den Rasen und Blumen Pflanzen.

11) Haustier Bereiche sauber zu halten.

auf der Innenseite

1) Küche und Bad sollten Leuchten.

2) schnelle flüchtiges mit dem Vakuum; Teppiche sollten sauber sein.

3) legen Sie frische Blumen in den Haupträumen.

4) Geschirr weggeräumt, es sei denn, eine formelle Anzeige für Dekoration festlegen.

5) alle Betten machen und alle Kleidung weggeräumt.

6) öffnen Sie die Vorhänge und schalten Sie Lichter für eine bessere Atmosphäre.

7) Schränke zu begradigen.

8) Spielzeug weggeräumt.

9) Fernseher abschalten.

10) spielen leise Musik auf Radio/Stereo.

11) halten Sie Haustiere aus dem Weg und Haustier Bereiche sauber und geruchsfrei.

12) Schmuck, Bargeld, verschreibungspflichtige Medikamente und andere Wertsachen zu sichern.

13) verbessern die Geräumigkeit der Zimmer.


vielleicht der schwierigste Aspekt des Verkaufs eines Hauses ist es mit dem korrekten Preis aufgelistet. Es ist eine von mehreren Bereichen, wo die Hilfe von einem erfahrenen Immobilienmakler mehr als für sich selbst bezahlen können.

Registrierung des Hauses zu hoch kann so schlecht wie zu niedrig sein. Wenn der Listenpreis ist zu hoch,

Sie verpassen einen Prozentsatz der Käufer suchen in der Preisklasse, wo Ihr Zuhause sein sollte.

Dies ist der Fehler im denken, dass Sie immer die Möglichkeit, ein niedrigeres Angebot zu akzeptieren haben. Die Chancen stehen, dass die Angebote nicht auch kommen, weil die Käufer, die Ihr Zuhause am meisten interessiert wären vom Preis abgeschreckt worden und sind nicht einmal die Zeit nehmen, schauen. Durch die Zeit, die der Preis korrigiert ist, haben Sie bereits Kontakt mit einer großen Gruppe von Interessenten verloren.

der Listenpreis wird noch schwieriger, wenn schnell Preisen steigenden oder

fallen. Es ist wichtig zu wissen wo und wie schnell der Markt in Bewegung – ist sowohl bei

Festlegung des Preises und wenn ein Angebot zu verhandeln. Wieder ein erfahrener, gut ausgebildeter Agenten ist immer in Kontakt mit Markttrends – oft sogar in einem größeren Ausmaß als Gutachter, die

in der Regel konzentrieren sich auf welchem Eigentum Wert ist, wenn als verkauft-ist, gerade jetzt.


viele Verkäufer einfach nicht planen ihre früh genug bewegen und dann zum Zeitpunkt der Bewegung aus dem Haus völlig überfordert fühlen. Wenn Sie in der Lage, zu jeder Zeit des Jahres zu bewegen sind, warten Sie nicht bis Sommersaison, der Spitze bewegt.

auch der Ansicht, dass die ersten und letzten Tagen des Monats extra beschäftigt sind. Wenn Sie planen, Ihr Haus zu verkaufen, erhalten Sie es so bald wie möglich auf dem Markt. Notieren Sie alle Aufwendungen im Zusammenhang mit Bewegung, von die einige möglicherweise steuerlich absetzbar.

FEHLER #9. NICHT FUßBALL BIS ZUM PROFI HABEN SIE ANGEHEUERT, UM IHR HAUS ZU VERKAUFEN! Du bist kein Grundstücksmakler, Sie dürfen in einer Fabrik arbeiten, können Sie verkaufen Autos, noch könnte man einen Arzt… Aber das einzige, was, das du nicht bist, ist ein PROFESSIONELLER IMMOBILIENMAKLER.

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Der Immoblienmakler für Heidelberg Mannheim und Karlsruhe
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Schnell, zuverlässig und zum Höchstpreis

Source by Rob Andress

Dual Nature: Using Your Facebook Profile to Sell Your Real Estate

Some people find that it’s most expedient to create a new Facebook profile for selling their real estate. However, if you already have friends and family that are also contacts, you might want to just go with the profile they already have friended. In any case, setting up a Facebook profile to further your real estate business is easy, but requires some thought.

Unfortunately, Facebook is not yet to the point where you can automatically designate specific posts or applications as not-to-be shared. If you have your Wall open to the public or your News Feed, you may want to ensure that everything posted is client-friendly. This may mean censoring both your and your friends‘ contributions to your Facebook profile.

Setting the Privacy controls on your Facebook account will help you make this a dual account for both clients and friends. Depending on the nature of your contacts, you may want to designate certain areas as “certain friends only” and similarly restrict who can contact you certain ways.

Deciding whether or not you want to open your entire profile to the world depends on how accessible you want to be. You can always request a client as a friend or give them your Facebook contact info to request you. However, if you want people to be able to access your real estate information on Facebook, it could be a good business move to judiciously open up a few key parts of your profile to the public.

Your basic information is probably something you should keep to a select group of friends. Your clients don’t need preconceived notions about you based on what they can read about your sexual preferences, your religion, or your political views. Unless you are aiming to sell real estate only to persons of a certain religion, noting that you are a passionate follower of the Flying Spaghetti Monster may cause people to pass you by, even if you aren’t actively proselytizing to them.

Your profile pictures are a good one to leave open, but make sure they are professional and simple. Don’t post pictures of your family or your dog or your wood tick farm. Your clients like to be able to see a clear photo of you, so they can recognize you. It’s okay to have a photo or two of your family in a different album (some people like to have a feeling of connection with their realtor) but don’t overdo it.

Applications are a hard one. Consider not adding too many frivolous ones. If you absolutely must have some, place them at the very bottom of your Facebook page, where only the determined ever go. And, whatever you do, don’t use them to contact clients with. Attacking someone with your zombie is generally not a good way to convey a professional impression. Applications can also work for you if you install a few good real estate-related ones, so take some time to check them out.

Your Wall may best be hidden. Many spammers will use the Wall to place ads or phishing scams. Also, if your friends are using your Wall, it doesn’t make for a professional impression if they’re posting things like “U R so hawt! Wanna see U soon, sweetcakez!” Use your own discretion. Remember that clients can always use the Message function to send you private messages into your Inbox.

Keep an eye on your photo albums and keep your personal ones to selected friends lists. The real estate albums you will, of course, wish to keep open to the public. Make sure every photo is properly tagged and given some kind of information. A link to the listing your actual website is good, but including as much information as possible can make a photo a better tool to get people to your website.

The Search function can be modified to show as much or as little information as you want. Since you are using this profile as a business tool, you will probably want people to be able to contact you. Set the Search Visibility to Everyone, create a public search listing and allow people to find information about you and send you messages.

Your News Feed and Mini-Feed you should keep open. Every time you change something on your profile, it will be noted and is a great way to let people know what you’re doing with your real estate without actually annoying them with direct messages. This can be modified to show people certain actions and hide certain actions. Play around with the Facebook Privacy controls to find the best combination. This is where you can hide updates to personal information that clients need not see.

Use the Privacy>Applications section to restrict views of anything else you don’t want people to see. It’s up to you to consider whether they would benefit from knowing which groups you belong to or events you’ve been invited to.

Look at your Facebook profile from a client’s view. Block everything that could leave them with a negative impression, but leave enough that they get a definite idea of your approach to your business. Facebook is an incredibly fast-growing social networking site which is enhanced by its easy-to-use, professional-looking layout. It definitely can be a valuable tool when used to enhance a professional image.

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Der Immoblienmakler für Heidelberg Mannheim und Karlsruhe
Wir verkaufen für Verkäufer zu 100% kostenfrei
Schnell, zuverlässig und zum Höchstpreis

Source by Kevin Bilberry

The Pros and Cons of Selling a Home in "as Is" Condition

So, the house is not in „Like New“ condition and is not as cosmetically pleasing as you’d like. Is it worth the time and money to fix it up before selling it? Maybe or maybe not.

When deciding whether or not to sell a home in „As Is“ condition it is important to look at the ultimate goal. Many sellers simply want to get out form underneath a home. The price they get for the home is not as important as the selling of the home. Other sellers want to make a profit, by selling it for more than they purchased it for. And still others need to get a certain price for the home to cover their debt in the home. While there may be other situations, these are the three basic scenarios.

When looking at selling a house the pros and cons of selling „As Is“ are really very simple. The basic concepts involve selling price, ability to sell quickly, and amount of effort put in. Of course, you have to weigh the need for a quick sale over the need for a specific price when considering this option. We’ll look at the pros and cons from these two standpoints; needing to get rid of the house (Quick Sale) and needing to get a certain price (Specific Price.)

Quick Sale

When you are looking to get rid of a house, for whatever reason, you probably are not as concerned with the price. Although you will want to get a fair price, the amount is less important than the fact that it sells. Selling a home as is, in this situation, is actually a bit ironic. You probably have the money to do the repairs to get it in top shape but do not have the desire, or need, to do it.

The Pros:
In this situation you do not want to put much money into selling the home because you are simply looking to get rid of it. Wasting time and money on repairs for a little higher selling price is not a priority. Because you are willing to entertain reasonable offers, you will probably be able to make a quick sale. You might attract investment buyers who want to buy the property cheaper, fix it up, and turn it around for a profit. By selling „As Is“ you are not implying anything and are offering no guarantees, either. The homebuyer knows that they are getting a property that will probably require some work.

The Cons:
Obviously, the sale price will be a little lower than it could be with some repairs. Many banks are less willing to offer financing to buyers who are looking at „As Is“ properties, unless they have a good plan in place. If you don’t attract the investors you might be spending a lot of time talking to, and showing the property to, people with little hope of financing. You stand the chance of unhappy homebuyers, even though they were told it was in „As Is“ condition. Many people expect a house to be a particular way, no matter what.

Specific Price

Whether you bought the property to turn a profit or you need to get out of the debt on the property, you may need to sell the house for a specific price. This is a little tougher when selling „As Is.“ But, selling the property in the current condition may be the only option; due to economic situations, health conditions, etc.

The Pros:
If the price you need to get is low you can easily sell a house as is and make a quick sale. Many people are looking for „Fixer Upper“ properties. They are willing to buy low, repair, and sell high. There is not a lot of cost, or time, involved in getting the home ready for selling. You can put your money into the down payment of a new place or into other needed areas. The money saved by not doing the repairs may offset the lower selling price.

The Cons:
You stand a chance of not getting the price you desire, or need, or holding on to the property for a long time, meaning continued debt for you. If you are not in an area with a lot of real estate investors looking to „Flip“ a property you may have a hard time selling. Banks are usually harder on first time homebuyers and people with less-than-perfect credit when they are looking at an „As Is“ home. The bank does not want to get stuck with a home that needs a lot of repairs, should they have to foreclose.

So, when looking at whether or not to sell a house „As Is“, you need to consider whether or not you can afford to hold onto the property, or sell it for a lower price. The savings realized by skipping the repairs may offset the lower sale price.

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Der Immoblienmakler für Heidelberg Mannheim und Karlsruhe
Wir verkaufen für Verkäufer zu 100% kostenfrei
Schnell, zuverlässig und zum Höchstpreis

Source by Stephanie Larkin

Does Sex Sell Real Estate?

An agent in Orlando created a video that featured barely-clad models and uploaded the video on YouTube. He was told by his broker to remove the video or resign from the company. The video remains and the agent is now working for another real estate firm.

A luxury condominium developer markets condos with an ad featuring a man looking up, presumably at the woman whose spread legs are the only thing we can see, along with the backs of her high heels. The caption reads “Wide Open Views”.

Sex has been used to sell just about everything, from toilet paper to coffee. We rarely see it in real estate. This may be why sex in real estate advertising provokes more commentary than, say, sexy images being used to sell cars.

Agents realize that they are not so much selling the home as they are selling the lifestyle that comes with the “beautiful views” and “durable hardwood flooring” so maybe adding a dollop of sex into that mix can spice it up enough to make people who are after the glamorous image of the hot condo or modern loft pull out their checkbooks and reach for a pen.

There’s no question that a sexy ad can pull eyes away from whatever else they are engaged with to focus on the mute promise – well maybe not of the models featured in the picture, but certainly of a life that is more exciting than what one was wading through today. Titillation plays a big part in using sex to market – wow, I’m not looking at the 19 year old model whose bosom is threatening to fall out of her bathing suit – I’m considering buying a luxury condo!

Objections to sexually-driven real estate marketing are many and varied. The image of a couple enjoying the privacy of their luxury condo is not likely to put a family in the mood for buying. A scantily-clad youth can draw the ire of people who question the objectification of people, especially women, in marketing. And, of course, there are those who view certain themes to be in very bad taste and will avoid anything marketed with them on principle.

There is also the question of whether sex actually is effective as ads with a little less skin and a little more elegance. While sex sells the same things that other images of wealth and control do, it triggers a lot more reaction, both positive and negative. A man and woman in formal, obviously expensive, dress amidst tasteful furnishings can create an image of the marketed lifestyle.

Sex is creeping into advertisements aimed at the young and upwardly-mobile – or those who wish they were. With a relaxation of strictures on the use of sex in advertising, the use of it to market real estate will become more common. However, those who take a dim view of sexy real estate ads still have cause to rejoice. Real estate will probably be comparatively free from sex-driven ads due to the fact that most real estate is, well, just not sexy.

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Land For Sale In Texas – Buy Sell Agreements And Contracts

Nothing takes the place of experience but if you are a beginner at buying and selling property, you need to know about contract negotiations if you don’t use a licensed realtor.  The fact that you must pay a realtor a commission keeps some from wanting to employ one.  I understand this when it comes to saving some money; however, if you ever have a contract for land and it goes bad because you did not understand some of the language in the contract, that six percent you would have paid a realtor that would have caught the error would seem cheap!

During the looking phase of Texas land buying there is homework that must be done on closing the land transaction.  The sales price negotiation, title company, closing attorney and deposit are likely to cause a headache or two.  Your contract should cover every possible situation.  Keep in mind roll back taxes, even though in my opinion is seems a very unfair system.  That’s a discussion for another time.  If you are attempting to buy or sell this land for sale in Texas without a realtor, at least ask some advice on the contract.  Try help from a title company, since you have to hire a title or abstract company to get the closing started anyway.  Many times the title company is owned by a local attorney and they probably have a closing contract that they are familiar with and like to use.  That will make it easier on you and less likely to run into problems at closing.

Please let me warn you of a few things to keep in mind before you sign a contract.  Remember that after you sign a contract it could be as bad as „Katie Bar the Door“.  Let me tell you from experience that I have let something slip by on the contract and believe me, not good.  You definitely want to be clear of the time frame of the closing.  If you don’t have financing arranged or predicate the contract that you will be able to get financing.  I have bought and sold a lot of land in Texas and I suggest that you predicate your contract if you are a novice at this.

When buying land for sale in Texas be careful when signing documents, especially the buy sell agreement.  This is also the contract of the sale and purchase of real estate.  If your inexperience comes back to bite you, this paperwork can cause years of misery and financial ruin.

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The 2016 Real Estate Forecast for Los Angeles

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If you want to find a basket to live in, you’ll likely have more luck than finding a house in Los Angeles that meets your price. Prices in LA are skyrocketing – and are doomed to do so for the near future with relief nary in sight. Sure, if you’re a millionaire and want to invest, you’re in luck. Residential houses and commercial property are popping up all the time. But if you have a history of low credit rating, bankruptcy, or foreclosures and are looking to borrow conventional loans, you’re in trouble. Price tags are spinning out of control and few can afford them. Even traditionally cheaper locations in LA, such as San Fernando Valley, see rents climbing to record highs with prices in the Vally, for instance, witnessing a 7.4 percent increase!

As regards real estate prices in Los Angeles for the coming year: The most recent market report by Marcus & Millichap says that this year’s asking rents citywide were up 7.8 percent to an average of $1,873 per month and the company reports that 2016 will be no better with rents climbing to 4.8 percent overall.

And if you want to know how much median homes in Los Angeles cost? Here’s the shocker: The price of an LA single-family house has jumped 5.2 percent this year in contrast to median incomes that hover around 2.9 percent. Marcus & Millichap half-jokingly state that Los Angeles seems to want its residents to rent homes rather than own them. So it seems! Few Los Angelesians are going to own their own homes giving these gloomy statistics.

Unsurprisingly, apartments are the new market for real estate agents prowling the streets of Los Angeles. Real estate firm Douglas Elliman’s latest market reports show that apartment vacancy rates have fallen to 2.7 percent, even in hot development neighborhoods like Downtown LA, while more than 5,200 new rentals have come online in LA, and 2,700 of those were in the Downtown district. There are now more than 15,000 units under construction through 2017 and Marcus & Millichap say that every section of town will receive more than 1,000 units in 2016.

Here’s a breakdown of Los Angeles area by area so you can see how the real estate field lies.

1. San Fernando Valley

  • Rents are up an average of 7.4 percent.
  • Average asking rent price in the Northeast Valley is up 15.1 percent, coming in at $1,438 per month. Other areas in the Valley experienced smaller increases in average rents: the Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena area saw a 6.8 percent increase, to $2,016 per month, and the Sherman Oaks/North Hollywood/Encino markets experienced a 9.5 percent increase to $1,503 per month.
  • In the last 12 months, only about 980 new rental units were added to Valley’s stock, down from 2,250 the year before. 2016 should see an increase in new apartments though, as 3,100 are expected to be added to the market next year.

2. Central Los Angeles (Downtown, Hollywood, Mid-Wilshire

  • Rents in Central LA were up 6.2 percent on average over the past year
  • Downtown rents were up only 5.3 percent to an average of $2,158 per month. 2,800 new rental units were built in Central LA during the last year
  • Vacancy rates in Downtown came in at 3.7 percent compared to Hollywood’s 2.6 percent. As a result Downtown offered concessions on more than 10 percent of units to entice renters to sign a lease.

3. Westside Los Angeles

  • Rents were up 6.8 percent in the last quarter averaging $2,750 per month.
  • Average rents in Santa Monica/Marina Del Rey climbed above $3,000 for the first time ever, up 6.0 percent to hit $3,132 per month.
  • Only 460 new apartments were built on the Westside during the past year, with nearly half of those being built in and around Santa Monica
  • 2016 will see the completion of more than 1,000 new rental units in the area, with more than 700 of them built in Santa Monica and Marina Del Rey.

4. South Bay of Los Angeles

  • Rents along LA’s southern coast increased to 8.8 percent.
  • Beach rents increased 8.7 percent to an average of $1,620 per month.
  • 950 new units were added to the rental market during the past year
  • More than 820 of those rentals qualified as affordable housing.

The bottom line is this…

The Los Angeles housing market is hitting record levels of craziness with ever-rising housing – and rental – prices discouraging people from buying. The number of sales stays flat as prices rise. This doesn’t mean that agents have a rough time and are doomed to poverty. On the contrary, if you are a real estate agent in LA, you may want on focus on apartments and on rentals since these seem to be in demand.

Sellers, also, have a booming-for-sale market where everything is busting record high from condos and single-family houses to sales closed. Otherwise, you may want to focus on persuading people to live in baskets…

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How To Sell Your Tenant Occupied Rental Property

The housing slump of the past few years has lent itself to the invention of the Accidental Landlord. Loosely defined, an Accidental Landlord is somebody who has attempted to sell a property at a price that the market deemed as being unrealistic, and as a defensive maneuver, has elected to rent out. The good news of course is that the trend of house prices spiraling downward seems to be at its end. Accidental Landlords are nearing the end of their accidental occupation and that new lease on life that renting provided is growing increasing less necessary.

The problem for Accidental Landlords now becomes that of how to sell a property that is tenant occupied. The remainder of this article will provide some insights and tips we have learned through our Calgary Property Management Company, Hope Street Real Estate Corp.

The first, and clearly the most important tip, relates to establishing a positive, truthful relationship with your tenant. It has been our experience that most tenants will feel marginalized if faced with real estate agent advising them that their home is about to be put on the block. As a landlord, be sure to discuss such intentions with the tenant prior to any actual listing contracts being signed, or any marketing of the home beginning. Offering the tenant the opportunity to purchase the house, at a discounted price in lieu of realtor fees, is a smart move that will inform the tenant of your plans and provide a respectful and tasteful solution to what can often be a problematic situation.

I have seen tenants grow increasingly upset over realtors and landlords storming through the home to show it to prospective buyers, and in the process completely upsetting the day-to-day equilibrium of the tenant

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