Buying Properties at Auction in Alabama

Foreclosed homes and repossessed or repos properties are one of the quickest ways to make a profit in the real estate investment market. Properties can be purchased at auction for well below market value, then rented or resold for substantial returns. If you’re interested in buying properties at auction in Alabama, read on for valuable information to help you succeed in this lucrative market.

How Do Properties Get to Auction?

Most properties sold at auction in Alabama are there for one of two reasons: either the former owner was unable to keep up on mortgage or loan payments, forcing the bank to foreclose on the property to make up their losses, or the home was repossessed by the government due to a backlog of unpaid taxes.

In either case, the bank or the government is motivated to sell off the real estate as quickly as possible so they can retrieve the money they are owed. Repossessed properties often end up at an Alabama auction, where they can be sold at up to 50% less than their actual market value.

How to Turn Auction Properties into Real Estate Successes

Alabama real estate properties that have been foreclosed by banks or repossessed by the government are often sold at auctions, for bargain prices. But it takes some knowledge and preparation to succeed at buying and selling auction properties. Here are some quick tips:

Come prepared. Most auctions require immediate payment in cash, so make sure you’re carrying enough money to purchase your real estate investment.

Get all the information you can. If possible, drive by any properties you’re interested in and try to get a feel for the area, the condition of the house, and anything else you can learn. Neighbors, and sometimes even the previous owner of the home, can be a valuable source of information. Make sure to attend any scheduled open houses.

Know the market. Before you arrive at the auction and begin perusing the listed properties, it’s a good idea to know the relative value of homes in different parts of the city, making it easier to recognize the best bargains.

Know the laws. Familiarize yourself with Alabama foreclosure laws so you understand the legal implications of buying and selling these properties. An Alabama real estate lawyer can provide guidance.

There is a huge potential to make a significant return on investment in foreclosed property. With the proper preparation and careful examination of the property you plan to purchase, you’ll be more likely to achieve success and higher profit margins.

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