Factors to consider in looking for a home in the Philippines

There are several factors that one needs to consider when looking for appropriate homes in Philippines. Since the country is an archipelago, it offers a wide range of conditions as well as limitations to the choices that one can make. Given below are some of these factors:

Purpose of home

To narrow the search, it would be extremely helpful to have an idea of what the home is to be built for. Is it supposed to function as a rest house? a temporary haven for the summer? a simple romantic getaway spot to be visited only on special occasions? or a regular place of dwelling to be used daily for a whole lifetime or even longer?


Once the purpose of the house is known, the next consideration is finding the appropriate Philippine real estate to suit the house’s function. There are more than seven thousand islands to choose from and each island offers its own unique set of conditions – geographic and geologic features, climate, cultural heritage, and so much more.

For houses that are meant to serve as summer vacation spots, there are available real estates on higher grounds such as Tagaytay and Baguio in Luzon. There are also numerous beach properties all over the Visayan and Mindanao islands that are perfect for water lovers and water sport enthusiasts. However, if you’re looking for something a little more common or regular (a piece of property to accommodate the typical residential structures), there are several areas all over the country to choose from.


Philippine homes vary greatly in prices. This is due to the fact that cost changes depending on several factors such as location, materials for the house itself, or simple accessibility (proximity to common establishments such as hospitals, schools, and malls; common household necessities such as electricity, water, telephone lines, or even cable TV; or simply just the availability of roads).

Furthermore, prices are also subject to economic situations. Here in the Philippines, these pertain to inflation and other external factors.

Also, commercialization significantly increases a real estate’s price. In the Philippines, the more commercialized an area gets, the higher the cost of real estate becomes. For those thinking about buying more affordable properties, less developed areas are usually more attractive choices. In fact, there are people who make investments on real estate – buying raw lands and waiting for their costs to rise before selling them to others.Visit the website http://www.atayala.com.

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