Real Estate Nanaimo – A Great Place to Live

That small beautiful city on Mid Vancouver Island in Canada with 79,000+ residents is Nanaimo. This city is considered 2nd largest city on Vancouver Island. It is known as the Harbour City because of its great harbour and that it is located in the centre of the lower-mid-island. It is rich in culture, with a flourishing art community, easy access to British Columbia’s other thriving metropolitan areas (Vancouver and Victoria) and it has a successful University. It hosts big production musicals in Port Theatre and a music scene with many jazz artists (including Diana Krall). Nanaimo has become a thriving cultural centre because of the hundreds of artists including musicians, talented craftsmen and writers.

The real estate Nanaimo has becoming popular to students all over the world, because of Nanaimo’s Vancouver Island University that offers undergraduate university degrees, certificates and degrees in a variety of career programs in trade and technical related fields. Because of its large artificial reef, it is popular for its scuba diving and has an avenue for every type of outdoor enthusiast to explore from kayaking, cave exploring to fishing, hiking, rock climbing and hiking is one of the island’s ten major parks.

This place has becoming one of the world’s most popular places to live. Because of its wonderful features the real estate Nanaimo market has been increasing. With its commercial real estate industry this has been a good source of economic resurgence for the island. The love of the arts is spreading, combined with sophisticated higher education and a reputation of small town atmosphere – the city has been the best place to live in for many who have come from other places. Transportation is also not a problem, three airports surround the town and several ferry services to the mainland making it the best resort style of living with the benefit of easy accessibility to the metropolitan areas on the mainland.

Real estate Nanaimo opportunities are becoming more available on the island, with the concentration in the developing of housing area, such as the condos, apartments, and other housing. Local estate agent Gary Bowen provides prospective residents a list of services that will help them with everything they need from relocation to Nanaimo, home staging, renovation to lawyers and other required services.
Among the group people that has been flooding the real estate of Nanaimo are the retired segment of people. These people want to have a relaxing place wherein they can live their life the way they wanted it to be.

So if you are looking for a place to live where you don’t have to worry anything then consider buying properties in Nanaimo. Anyone who has moved here know that it is a good place to live. The houses cost less and the industry is growing fast. Gary Bowen will help you out in everything that you need from home buying and selling, organizing home staging, getting accommodations while you are in town and other services too. With these great things who doesn’t want to live in Nanaimo.

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