Tips For Upholstering With Velvet

Velvet is a fabulous material that as an instantly recognized allure. Not only does it add a sense of luxury to any item of furniture, but it also is known for coming in a range of bold and enticing colors that can brighten up any living space; it is no wonder really that velvet remains a popular choice for upholstering furniture.

Each upholstery fabric is unique in the sense that certain considerations need to be made with each and every one when embarking on a reupholstering project. This is especially true of velvet, as it has a unique weave and the appearance that needs to be respected for best results. Here are some top tips on how to upholster with this distinctive material.

The first thing to do is seek out good quality discount designer fabrics with which to upholster your furniture. The selection of a good fabric is indeed one of the crucial factors that affects whether upholsterer goes well or not. Getting a velvet fabric that is of top quality will make all the difference when it comes to obtaining great results.

It is not necessary to splurge on your fabric, however, as there are many discount designer fabrics on the market that will deliver quality for a great price. With that said, care should be taken to avoid bargain-basement prices for materials that are made to low standards. Instead, focus on designer, up-market products at discount prices from repeatable retailers.

Velvet is particularly difficult to work with as an upholstery fabric, as it can be hard to sew and can become crushed very easily. For the first point, make sure that choosey fabric that is low pile, as this will make sure that the project goes a lot more smoothly, especially for beginners to upholster. If in doubt, ask your retailer specifically for a low pile fabric.

Care should betaken to avoid the velvet fabric crushing as you sew, so this kind of upholstering project can be more time consuming than with other materials as your take greater care with the treatment of the velvet.For this reason, be sure to factor in sufficient time for upholstering correctly, and aim to not rush this project for best results at the end.

Another solution to crushing issues is to choose a velvet that already has a crushed and distressed effect in its design. There are many fabulous discount designer fabrics on the market that feature this kind of effect and look stunning. This will make the task of upholstering for beginners a great deal easier as they will not have to worry about damaging the fabric.

Next, it is important to consider how the color of the velvet will look on your furniture. This is because, as a very lustrous material, velvet catches the light from many different angles and therefore results in different shades of color depending at the angle which the fabric is placed at. Your best bet when upholstering with this material is therefore getting a large sample to try at home.

To test the shading of the fabric, try it on your item of furniture in the room that it will be placed in. Try out the fabric sample on the front, back and sides of the furniture to see what the color looks like. Next, rotate the fabric 90° and repeat the process once more. Now you have rotated the piece sideways, how do the colors look? Many find that velvet turned sideways has a better appearance.

Velvet can be one of the best fabrics to upholsterer, giving a plush, comfortable appearance that can be either bold and vibrant or subtle and sophisticated. For best results, follow the tips above to help you select a great fabric and upholster your furniture with ease.

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